Я не буду долго писать о этой новой программе.
Скажу только что она не просто программа с высоким потенциалом, но и программа , которая продвигает новые проекты высокими доходами и сама участвует в их работе.
То есть она сама рискует вместе с вами.

For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can invest in tech startups.


In May 2016, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enacted Title III of the JOBS Act, allowing a majority of the US population to invest in startups for the very first time.
But the complicated legal requirements called for a founder- and investor-friendly platform to make startup investing truly accessible.

That’s why we built Republic. We’re SEC-registered and FINRA-licensed, and if you’re at all interested in startups, you’ve heard of our past work. Republic is part of a family of startup platforms together with AngelList and Product Hunt — one of the most trusted online startup ecosystems in the world.

We launched our equity investing platform in 2016, and didn’t stop there. Just over a year ago, we created Republic Crypto, providing the first full stack fundraising solution in the crypto space. This year we are excited to introduce Republic Labs, an affiliated investment advisory service.

We have garnered a reputation as an industry leader in the regulated crowdfunding space and continue to innovate and iterate toward our mission to democratize startup fundraising and investing.

Product Hunt
Republicnvest as little as $10 in private startups and earn a return if the startup succeeds.
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What's so special
Crowdfunding is not new, but until recently, “crowdfunding” in the U.S. meant buying a product or donating money.
Separately, only wealthy people were allowed to invest in early stage private companies.
Thanks to Republic and newly adopted laws, you can now be an angel investor in startups, no matter who you are or where you live.

The law requires that before you invest, you first understand the risks and the rules of investing.
At the very least, please review the educational materials we provide and consult additional resources at your discretion.

What do I get when I invest
when you invest on Republic you receive a financial stake in the company in the form of a security.
Most startups on Republic opt to use a security called the Crowd SAFE. In addition, most companies choose to give out perks as a reward for your investment.

Startup investing can be fulfilling beyond the potential monetary return. Not only are you joining founders on their exciting journey, you’re betting on a company’s future and gaining a chance to aid in their success.

How do I get a return
Startup investing is risky and there are no guarantees of a return: many startups fail, and investments are lost. But some startups will succeed, and if they get acquired or IPO at a valuation higher than the one at the time of your investment, you will earn a return.

Additionally, if the company has another financing round, it can decide to issue Shadow Shares to you, with economic rights that provide a return.

Crowdfunding-specific limitations and rules you should know about:

Limited investment amount
You can only invest up to a certain limit per rolling 12 months across all equity crowdfunding campaigns (not limited to those on Republic).
Your limit is automatically calculated based on your income and net worth when you create an investor profile on Republic.

Limited transfer of securities
The securities (in most cases, the Crowd SAFEs) you get when you invest have limitations of transfer for the first year following the investment.
You can only transfer (gift or sell) the securities:

KYC & AML included, along with customizable functionalities
Reg CF Crowd Safe investment instrument — Gives issuers flexibility over if and when its Crowdfunding Investors become its shareholders
Reg CF Debt Payable by Assets (DPA) investment instrument — Token presale instrument for blockchain companies to fund their growth with investments from everyone
and accounting expenses can be as low as $5K
Portal Fees — Republic’s commissions are variable depending on the number of Tokens and recipients
U.S.-based issuers can Airdrop their Token to their U..S. and international base, can decide on the Token price, limit the audience as a Bounty Program, and tailor the Airdrop as they desire
Republic started with the mission to give everyone access to the exciting world of startups. We move one step closer each time our users — early adopters like you — spread the word.